Storage & Inventory Control

We have the ability to store large quantity shipments within our safe, controlled environment.  We keep track of inventories, giving you access to real-time data that increases processing efficiency and eliminates costly errors.

Sortation & Labeling

More and more the sorting, labelling and repacking product to satisfy retailing needs is a necessity.  Whether it is individual items or carton lots we provide the service in tandem with max pallet dimensions, shipping schedules, and delivery targets.

Pick & Pack Services

Our inventory system(s) are set up to accommodate various pick & pack scenarios, and we will tailor these to suit the client(s) requirements.  Warehouse space can also be designed to allow the utmost efficiency in the securing the proper inventory items for shipment.

Shipping – Import / Export

Receiving or shipping product is the most critical part of a logistic chain.  In this regard we offer, through our in-house and partnered transportation services, proper scheduling to meet delivery windows and/or deadlines.

Loading & Unloading

We will facilitate an orderly process of loading and unloading of ocean containers, highway trailers and trucks, and ensure a smooth transition from storage to shipment.